Kagocel wins the Choice of the Year contest in Belarus again

Kagocel wins the Choice of the Year contest in Belarus again

Kagocel wins the Choice of the Year contest in Belarus again.

On December 10, the Kagocel antiviral drug won the Belorussian Choice of the Year contest in the category "Imported Antiviral Drug for the Treatment of ARVI and Flu" for the third time. The drug had already been granted this award in 2018 and 2019.

This year, the Choice of the Year contest-festival was held for the 19th time. It identifies market leaders in various categories of popular products and involves a large-scale marketing research among consumers. Participating in the selection of winners are also an expert council, a high jury, and an advertising commission also.

"Winning the competition in this year of the pandemic shows that people not only in Russia but abroad continue to trust their health to the proven and reliable drug Kagocel even under complex epidemic circumstances," commented Arkady Ivanchenko, Marketing Director of the Nearmedic group of companies. "At Nearmedic, we highly value the trust and support of our customers, so we regularly conduct necessary research with their results made public in the most authoritative scientific publications."

At the award giving ceremony held in the city of Minsk, the award was received by Andrey Lomakov, supervisor of the Kagocel brand in the Republic of Belarus.

15.12.2020 19:16:00

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