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ISU World Figure Skating Championships®2018, Supported by Kagocel, To Start in Milan

ISU World Figure Skating Championships®2018, enjoying support by the antiviral drug Kagocel, will start in Milan, Italy, on March 21. For five days of the competition, the Mediolanum Forum di Assago arena will become the showroom for the skills of the most talented and famous figure skaters of the world.  

The event will open with ladies’ competitions. Unfortunately, this year Evgeniya Medvedeva will not be able to perform, with Stanislava Konstantinova replacing her in the struggle for medals. Our athletes fight for medals in several categories, showing high results at competitions, setting numerous records, and amazing the audience with not their technique alone, but with artistry as well.

The antiviral drug Kagocel continues to support figure skating, having already sponsored ISU European Figure Skating Championships® 2018, and now becoming the official sponsor of ISU World Figure Skating Championships®2018. Supporting sporting events, the brand hopes that every year more and more Russian athletes will enter the world stage and make the audience in different corners of the globe fall in love with them.

20.03.2018 09:11:00

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