About the antiviral drug - Kagocel®

What exactly is Kagocel?

Kagocel is a medicinal antiviral agent of broad spectrum. It is used for prevention and treatment of acute respiratory viral infections (ARVI) in children aged from 3 years and adults, including influenza caused by different strains and types of viruses. The drug is also used for the treatment of herpes in adults.

The antiviral activity of Kagocel is confirmed by a large number of different laboratory and clinical trials. Kagocel's antiviral effect was demonstrated in cultures of various human and animal cells and in tests involving laboratory animals. Numerous clinical studies held after the state registration of the drug, including blind, placebo-controlled studies involving over 2000 patients, were definite in confirming the efficacy of Kagocel ® in the treatment and prevention of influenza and other ARVI. In the course of these studies, it was found that Kagocel is an efficient means for the treatment and prevention of influenza, including that caused by widely spread recently "atypical" strains and highly pathogenic influenza strains ("swine" flu, "bird" flu). The results of clinical studies also confirmed the efficiency of Kagocel in the treatment of herpes infections. The application of Kagocel for the treatment of influenza and other ARVI shortens the period of sickness and reduces the risk of complications. The preventive application of the drug against ARVI and influenza reduces the incidence of these infections.

By whom has Kagocel been developed?

Kagocel® is an original pharmaceutical product, patents for which belong to the OOO NEARMEDIC PLUS company (Russia).

Monitoring the safety of Kagocel®