According to statistics, treating colds takes about 21 days a year of an average person's life. Taking into consideration the average human life span (78.5 years), it turns out that over 4.5 years of one's life is spent for treating flu! Though we could use these years to achieve a lot in our work, to visit new places and new countries, meet true friends and enjoy the success of our children. But very often flu or cold come up as obstacles in our way. In order not to waste precious time on feeling ill, it is necessary to prevent colds and flu. Antiviral agent Kagocel is capable of providing comprehensive protection against pathogens of acute respiratory viral infections and strengthening the immune system. The results of clinical trials showed that a prophylactic course of Kagocel significantly reduces the risk of influenza and other ARVI, and the risk of complications is reduced by 3-5 times! Moreover, the positive effect of the drug persists from one to four months after the completion of the prevention course.

Kagocel is suitable for adults and children older than three years. In numerous clinical trials in adults and children, the drug did not cause adverse or toxic reactions, and was well tolerated. Kagocel helps reduce the incidence of colds among frequently ill children, reduces the duration of complications treatment with antibiotics, and often allows to avoid the latter altogether.

In addition to the required prevention in autumn and winter, influenza or SARS can disturb us in spring or in summer, too. In summer, the risk is pretty large due to temperature changes and acclimatization. The creators of Kagocel have developed a convenient prophylactic regimen of the drug before moving to a new climate zone: adults should take 2 tablets 1 time a day for 2 days. Before returning home, one has to undergo the same course of prophylactics. For children from 3 years, the following scheme of prophylactics with Kagocel is recommended:, 1 tablet 1 time a day for 2 days. Before returning home, the course is to be repeated.