Learn to make money on offline purchases and get a 15% cashback on Kagocel

Learn to make money on offline purchases and get a 15% cashback on Kagocel

The Nearmedic Pharma company has launched a cashback program for the popular antiviral drug Kagocel. The promotion program has been developed in collaboration with the Wavemaker advertising agency.

In order to participate in the program, one has to purchase any Kagocel packages amounting to 249 rubles or more at any retail outlet in the Russian Federation providing customers with QR coded receipts by November 30, 2020. Then one needs to scan the received QR code and upload it via one of the following cashback services: VK Checkback, Check from 2GIS, My Beeline, MTS Cashback, Yandex. Dengi, Troika City. Wait for the notification that the receipt has been sent for verification, and the app can be safely closed. The money to be refunded will be credited to your account within a few days. The maximum cashback per receipt amounts to 15% of the purchase price of Kagocel, but no more than 90 rubles.

"In recent years, the word cashback has become a part of our everyday life. Many of us pay with bank cards with cashback or use the option to return part of the funds for purchases on the Internet. Cashback for offline purchases is a relatively new trend, which, however, is becoming increasingly popular in Russia. We decided not to stay away from this trend and offered our customers to return some of the money spent on the antiviral drug Kagocel. The first results of the campaign indicate that it has already been finding a positive response throughout Russia. And this is not surprising, because now is the time to take care of one's immunity, so why not do it with some profit? " notes Arkady Ivanchenko, Marketing Director of the Nearmedic Group.

05.11.2020 17:49:00

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